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Deep 6 Eddy Fin

Deep 6 Eddy Fin

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Orange may be the new black, but we like options… so, now you can have both! When we designed the Eddy Fin we didn’t want to just create another “me too” product. Instead, we incorporated all the best characteristics of various scuba diving fins into one. We started with a blade design including ports to allow for better propulsion and we added a foot pocket that is actually designed to fit a human foot wearing wetsuit or drysuit boots with a comfortable spring strap.

The perfect design deserves a perfect material, so we mold our fins with a XXX material to ensure they’re the right stiffness for maximum power, lightweight enough for travel, and really comfortable to dive.

  • Ported blade fin design

  • Foot pocket made for a human

  • Spring straps on all fins

  • Lightweight for travel

  • Stiff and powerful

  • Really, really comfortable

  • Available Sizes and Color Options

    • - S/M - Orange - Soft

    • - S/M - White - Soft

    • - L - Orange

    • - L - Black

    • - XL - Orange

    • - XL - Black

    • - XXL - Black

    A note on the fin material. The S/M comes in a similar polymer material just with a bit more flex to make the fin a bit softer. All other sizes comes in the standard flex material.
    Please contact us with any questions.

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Regular Price: $125.00

Special Price $110.00




We have found that wetsuit boots with a flexible sole in sizes 5-8 the small medium, 9-11 the large, 11-13 the XL, above size 13 go for the XXL When wearing wetsuit booties with a thick "sneaker" type sole if in doubt get the next higher size. Remember that a normal shoe is sized for the outside dimensions of your foot, which stays pretty consistent, Fins however we have to size to fit the outside of whatever boot you are wearing with them, and they vary greatly depending what type of boot you own. Don't hesitate to call with any questions as you choose a fin size.

Chris has a 10.5 D US shoe size and is wearing the Large with wetsuit boots or his drysuit that has thinner boots (neoprene with a sole) and the XL when wearing wetsuit boots with the sneaker style sole or his drysuit with larger boots.

  • Size = XL
  • 21-3/4" - tip to heel (552 mm)
  • 24-1/4" - tip to strap end (616 mm)
  • 2.48 lb. each
  • 4.96 lb. pair (2.25 kg)

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Seriously Awesome Fins
I now own two pairs of Eddy fins. A pair in large and a pair in x-large. For reference, I have switched to the Eddy fins from my Hollis F2s. I’ve also tried the Hollis F1s.

I loved the power of the Hollis F1s but hated the weight. Loved the light weight of the F2s but they just didn’t produce enough power for drysuit diving. I needed something in that goldilocks zone of power to weight ratio. The winner? The Eddy fin from Deep 6.

These fins are actually pretty light, no where near the bricks that the F1s were. But despite being light they have great stiffness in the middle of the fin and deliver power that is damned near what the F1s were giving me.

The spring straps they come with are great and have three adjustment levels to fine tune the fit and tightness. The foot pockets appear to have been made with a human foot in mind, they aren’t the ridiculously shaped pockets that I’ve seen on many fins.

These fins, in my opinion, find the perfect balance. They are light enough to not drag me out of trim, deliver more than enough power, and still have all the precision I need for back kicks, helicopter turns, and other technical kicks. These fins are a home run!
Review by Tim / (Posted on 2/10/2017)
Love these fins!
I have tried several leading brands of jetfins renditions. These are awesome! My knees were singing praises of the lightweight fins that produced more torque for pushing my drysuit through the waves. I am so pleased with these that I bought a second pair for my wetsuit diving. Sizing reference: XL Eddy fins fits my Size 11 Akona Seca neoprene booties, but way too small for my Size 12 Hollis rockboots. XXL fits my rockboot with some room to spare. I had too tighten the spring straps on one side per find and ow they are snug. These have improved my trim and have made long Lake Jolla Shores surface swims almost enjoyable! Review by ScubaSteve858 / (Posted on 1/15/2017)
Was very impressed. These feel stiff, and give plenty of power. The fin pocket was a pleasant fit, and good fit as predicted. I ejoy my tech fins, and these have replaced them after a 20 second swim in a pool. Wow, you wont be disappointed. Review by Rikz / (Posted on 10/10/2016)
I have a new favorite fin!
So where has your diving taken you? As much as this relates to geo-location, today I am actually talking about propulsion. I look back at the evolution of my diving, from getting my first pair of Cressi Neon yellow fins, eventually to Apollo Bio Fins Pro “C”, to Aqua Lung Rocket Fins, and more, until for the better part of half a decade I used exclusively Scuba Pro Jet Fins. Sure my transition was, in part, to my entering the more technical aspects of scuba diving and the training I received recommended a solid fin, but with technique and general usage I became a believer in the durability, stiffness, and simplicity of my jet fins.

Friends, for years, have given me a hard time for my red Jet Fins, but I am here to tell you, recently, they have been retired.

There is a new kid on the block and they and starting to make some noise. Deep 6 Gear, in an effort to change the expectation of service, product, pricing, and direct customer support have now released to the general market a new fin “Deep 6 Eddy Fin”.

Fresh water and side mount do not make for happy trim and buoyancy with heavy rubber fins but what is the alternative? Personally I am not a fan of the mixed material plastic fins a lot of divers are using these days. For me, though, the radical weight reduction, the buoyancy lightness, and with the expected stiffness of a classic rubber fin - I am here to tell you that I have a new favorite piece of dive gear.

I have had the pleasure of recently diving these fins in both fresh and saltwater, and weighting is no longer a negative factor in my balancing in the water. Also, the ability to push the same amount of water with a lighter fin has made my dives that much more enjoyable.

Admittedly, I tend to dive with a scooter and I am not always worried about finning for the majority of those dives but, when it comes time to kick, I am glad to have the strength and stiffness without the excess weight.

Thank you Deep Six for creating such a great product! Review by Forest / (Posted on 10/4/2016)

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