3mm Deep 6 Wetsuit

3mm Deep 6 Wetsuit

7mm Deep 6 Wetsuit

7mm Deep 6 Wetsuit

  • 7mm neoprene
  • Pockets
  • Badass
As low as $225.00 was $399.99
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We are kicking of Black Friday a little early with exceptional wetsuit deals! Our $399.99 7mm wetsuit is on sale for $225.00!

IMPORTANT NOTE- As of DEC 9th 2019 any returns will be subject to a 20% restock fee. We are closing these out and want everyone to be happy, however our payment processor does not refund the fees when we process a return and at the price we are selling them we simply can't afford to absorb if someone wants to "buy and try" and return if they don't like it.

Also, if you wish to exchange for another size, we will work with you, but if we don't have the size up/down you need will be refunding you minus the 20% restock fee. Sorry and thanks- Chris

Our wetsuit can kick your wetsuit's ass!
 I went to the largest and highest quality wetsuit oem in the world and .. well I begged them to sell to me. I’ve begged before and they said no..many times. This time it worked. Beyond that we spend almost a year working on the best possible suit we could, and I am proud to say that we are introducing some features they have NEVER offered before and it’s also as I was told “ Chris, you do know that these are the MOST expensive suits we have ever made right?”. Well… I just wanted a suit with some features I wanted, the cost (sticker shock really) was secondary.

What makes them so expensive? Well, I picked their highest grade of neoprene, then started piling on the options and adding our own. Both the 3 and 7 mm have our “Hermeticseal”which makes the seams watertight and look cool (orange), that is something that other brands have offered (with their own name for) on 3mm but never on a 7mm, we are the first. They both have Kevlar knee pads, crotch pad (for scootering) and on the shoulders to reduce wear by the BCD/harness. We have special grip pads on the inner forearms to hold your computer/compass in place and a reflective patch on the inner wrist for easy sighting at night. The have large cargo thigh pockets, slightly forward. The pockets are plenty big enough for wet notes, spare mask, SMB etc. and have two bungee loops in them. The 3mm has a glide skin in wrist and ankle seals to reduce water transfer and the 7mm has wrist and ankle gaskets along with wrist and ankle zippers to make it easier to get on.

Size Chart

SIZE                 WEIGHT              WAIST             HEIGHT          CHEST            

SMALL             150-185 LBS       31-33"              5'7"-5'9"          36-38"             

MED                 164-189 LBS       33-35"              5'9"-5"11"        38-40"            

LARGE             175-200 LBS       35-37"              5'11"-6"1"        40-42"              

XL                     185-215 LBS       37-39"              6"1"-6"3"         42--44"             

XXL                   200-235 LBS      39-41"              6'2"-6"5"          44-46"    

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