Lately I have had several questions about how our regulators are different from other offerings out there, so I thought I would sit down for a minute and write a brief blog post to summarize a few of the innovative new concepts we have integrated, as well as the bonuses we are offering.

Lets talk about our first stages first... Inside the first stage, a teflon O-ring is used in the first stage balance chamber along with the HP seat poppet being teflon coated versus chromed. This gives a better overall response and lower IP swing during the breathing cycle. Other improvements include that the diaphragm is also new, designed to be more responsive and stronger, and the reg is Chrome and PVD coated to be more resistant to corrosion and getting scratched up. The HP ports are 90 degrees, not angled, providing for optimal hose routing, the DIN wheel is also metal, not plastic, and the DIN cap comes with a spare O ring recessed into the back.  If you are into yoke, the yoke knob is metal not plastic, and features our awesome logo etched into the wheel.

As for the second stage, the poppet is redesigned, and the the exhaust port is as well. It's much smoother than a standard second stage poppet thus less disturbed gas, as the gas passes thru the "turbo" it creates a venturi that increases gas flow, which reduces Work Of Breathing. The other bonus is there is no more aligning needed of the poppet to the lever arms to assemble.

With regards to service kits, our regs ship with spare kits and the first service is on us anyway. We really feel like we are leading in the industry here by providing our customers with a spares kit that can be used for repairs in a pinch, while on vacation for example.

Also, the reg just passed CE and CE for cold in early August, none I have in stock are so marked (because I made them before the test was done) but future ones will.

Dont forget all of our regs ship in our hard case for free, and you get free parts for life if we service it as part of one of our service plans!

Ultimately it's up to the buyer to decide if what we are offering is good value or not. I certainly have tried to make it the best value I can, and I feel we have created a superior reg with better performance, durability, and reliability than other offerings available to the consumer.