I need to write a new blog post, I have no idea what to talk about.

The recent spat of dive deaths make me want to talk about too far too fast ..but it's been beaten to death. Just take time to broaden your experience gradually, both with courses and outside them. Enjoy diving for the long haul OK?

I could address DEMA getting all pro shark feeding... but I see both sides of the coin and have fed sharks, and currently I'm against it. So, I can respect if not agree with those that feel it is OK. However, I am fairly confident they are on the long term losing end in that position..I once was.

I seriously considered a blog on customer service. I have had a couple of customer concerns with their gear where exactly how it broke isn't quite clear to me... I noticed that the customer seemed to be concerned that I would be looking for a reason NOT to sort them out. Honestly, if you get gear from me and it breaks lets work the problem. If it's a true manuf. defect tell me right away that you think it is. If you broke it by setting a tank on it, taking it apart to "get a look" (or lose a piece doing so) or if the dog ate it, just tell me that right away. I like to tinker with stuff and I can be distracted and clumsy (ask me about my flooded camera) as well. In other words, I have broken lots of new and expensive stuff that I just bought and couldn't afford to pay to get it repaired. Just tell me what happened and I will do everything I can to make what was a "OMG what did I just do!!" moment into one that is as painless as possible. Beyond me having done the same, it's just about the cheapest relationship building and hopefully word of mouth marketing I can do. Seriously, just lay it out there. However be prepared to send pictures so I don't end up feeling like somebody is trying to let no good intentions of mine go unpunished.

Speaking of distracted, last weekend I was expecting to teach an Intro Cave Class, I had been lead to think the student was Cavern already..well it ended up being a Cavern class. Anyhow, that class is demanding both for the student(s) and instructor and I made the mistake of keeping my phone on. It blew up all weekend and I got distracted as heck. Thankfully the student is a friend and another instructor was around that gracefully stepped in and helped me out as I was engaged in dealing with some crisis type stuff in something I volunteer my time for. Thanks Edd, sorry Jerry. Bottom line, I ended up upset with myself for letting me get distracted and doing a sub standard job as an instructor. Folks, I took for granted that with my teaching experience I could juggle it. I couldn’t. When teaching or taking a course, you need to disconnect and be in the now and here. I knew that,  but got complacent and a wee touch of hubris. Good to get to get reminded how those two nasties can sneak up on us as instructors and divers.

Thank you for everybody that has supported Deep 6 these first 6 months of selling gear, it’s been an exciting, scary,  fun, not so fun, rewarding and annoying time. We have tons of new products and new ways of doing things in the plans, I look forward to taking that journey with you.