What a crazy week it has been, and my first blog post! I thought I might start out with some awesome recent developments to share.

Our first shipment of neoprene products has arrived.  I can't begin to explain how excited we are that our product line has now expanded to include 3/7mm wetsuits, 3/5mm gloves, 3/5mm boots, and rashguards (a personal favorite of mine!)   We have spent over a year fine-tuning our designs and working with the build team to bring these products to market.

I think the best way to introduce these products is if I do an impromptu 'interview' with Chris, so we can detail some of the features, and give a little of the history that went in to developing this part of our line.


Landon Lasseter

CIO - Deep 6 Gear


New products listed here: https://www.deep6gear.com/thermal.html

Product background with Chris Richardson:

Landon: How did this process start?

Chris: I went to the largest and highest quality wetsuit OEM in the world, and I begged them to sell to me. I’ve begged before and they said no many times. This time it worked. We spend almost a year working on the best possible suit we could, and I am proud to say that we are introducing some features they have NEVER offered before.

Landon: What did they say about the designs?

Chris: “Chris, you do know that these are the MOST expensive suits we have ever made right?” I just wanted a suit with some features I wanted, the cost was secondary.

Landon: What makes them so expensive?

Chris: Well, I picked their highest grade of neoprene, started piling on the options, and then adding our own. Both the 3mm and 7mm have our “Hermetic Seal” which makes the seams watertight and it looks cool with our orange. That is something that other brands have offered under various names on 3mm suits, but never on a 7mm. For that we are the first.

Both versions have Kevlar in knee pads, shoulders, and crotch pad. The Kevlar in the knee pads is obvious, while the shoulder kevlar is to reduce wear by the BCD/harness, and the crotch pad kevlar is for scootering with a DPV.

Landon: Any other additional features to note?

Chris: We have special grip pads on the inner forearms to hold your computer/compass in place, and a reflective patch on the inner wrist for easy sighting at night. They have large cargo thigh pockets, slightly forward for optimal placement, a great benefit for sidemount divers.

The pockets are expandable and large enough for wet notes, spare mask, an SMB, etc. Each pocket has two bungee loops for securing items.

Landon: Any differences between the 3mm and 7mm versions?

Chris: The 3mm has a glide skin in wrist and ankle seals to reduce water transfer and the 7mm has wrist and ankle gaskets along with wrist and ankle zippers to make it easier to get on.

Landon: What about these awesome new rashguards?

Chris: Yeah, we are offering some truly wicked rash guards that I really hope I can get a half as wicked picture of on the product page.  They are seriously cool and incorporate the logo into the pattern on the material.

Landon: What about the gloves?

Chris: The 3mm glove has an extended wrist to give a little more protection and coverage, while the 7mm glove has a gasket to help seal to suit, and kevlar on the hands for extra protection and durability.  They are also shaped to natural hand rest to make them more comfortable.

Landon: What about the boots?

Chris: The 3mm boot has a thick sole, with extended protection over the top of the foot and sides, as well as a notch to help keep fins on by holding the strap.  They are high rise, with a pull strap to cover the zipper.

The 5mm boots are a completely custom design mixing a rock boot with a neoprene boot style.  The boot 'sock' is inside the lace up boot providing maximum durability and comfort, I don't think anyone else makes a boot quite like it on the market.

Landon: Any future plans we should let everyone know about, regarding 5mm suits and women's sizing?

Chris: We will probably get a few questions about women's sizing and 5mm suits.  We had to make a few choices when we placed our initial order, so we had to go with the 3 and 7mm suits to start.  If interest holds and these sell well, we will add 5mm suits and women specific cuts and sizes to future production runs.