Deep 6 Signature Series First Stage (Yoke)

Deep 6 Signature Series First Stage (Yoke)

Deep 6 Scribble Series First Stage (Yoke)

Deep 6 Scribble Series First Stage (Yoke)

Deep 6 Scribble Series First Stage (DIN)

    DIN Connection
    Balanced diaphragm first stage
    Environmentally sealed
    Compact Design
    Marine grade brass
    Black Chromed
    4 LP ports (2 per side, fixed)
    2 HP ports (1 per side, fixed)

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Once they're gone, they're gone. Want to change that? Make them fly off our shelves fast!

"The Deep 6 team has a lot of experience in regulator design and, through that experience, we built a great one... yes, just one."

That regulator is, of course, our Signature Series. However, one day, we showed up at the office and it looked like a crazy party happened the night before. The next thing we know, a bunch of tiny regulators suddenly started appearing in our warehouse. Please welcome to our family, the Scribble Series!

In all seriousness, we wanted to offer you a great performing regulator at an amazing price for Blue Friday. Lacking a PVD coating, turret, has a standard HP seat,  no teflon o-rings... the scribble isn't as robust as the signature, but it crosses all the t's and dots all the i's.  Enjoy!


Due to the ridiculously low price point, this regulator is not eligible for a free first service like our Signature Series.  However, if you'd like us to service it for you at any time, we'll gladly do so (recommended 2-year / 200 dive service interval.)  Standard Deep 6 regulator warranty applies.  Normal servicing fees will apply. (Currently $40 for 1st stage.)

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