Deep 6 Divesoft Freedom Advanced Nitrox Computer

Deep 6 Divesoft Freedom Advanced Nitrox Computer

Triton's Abacus

NOTE: Only available for purchase in the US and Canada.

As the distributor for divecomputer.eu in Canada and the US, we would like to introduce Triton's Abacus!

Triton's Abacus features:

  • User-Replaceable AA Battery
  • Buhlmann ZHL16C
  • Up to 10 configurable gas mixes (3 CCR, 7 OC)
  • Four Timers!
  • 6 Unique Modes
  • Water-Activated
  • Graphic Compass
  • Piezo Buttons
  • Bungee Mount Points
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NOTE: Only available for purchase in Canada and the US.

As the distributor for divecomputer.eu in the US and Canada, we would like to introduce Triton's Abacus!  User Manual can be downloaded at https://divecomputer.eu/docs/manual-divecomputer-EN-v3.0.pdf

User Replaceable Battery

  • Requires 1 AA battery

Bulmann ZHL16C

  • Fully customizable Gradient Factors.
  • Increased safety compared to bubble models like RGBM.
  • Widely accepted and used throughout the dive community.

Ten Configurable Gas Mixes

  • Program up to 7 Open Circuit (OC) gas mixes.
  • Program up to 3 diluent gas mixes for Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR)

Multiple Timers

  • Four timers with extended management for decompression diving.
  • Use them for your diving needs!

Six Unique Modes

  • Apnea Mode (Traditional gauge mode)
  • Extended Gauge Mode
  • OC Recreational Mode
  • OC Technical Trimix Mode
  • CCR Fixed Setpoint Mode
  • Pure Buhlmann Mode

Water Activated

  • Computer will automatically turn on w.hen submerged underwater.
  • Reduces power consumption to nearly 0 when in sleep mode!

Graphic Compass

  • Digital compass with a traditional compass look.
  • Ability to lock in a specific bearing.
  • Easy calibration.

Piezo Buttons

  • No push buttons that can flood or break.
  • Placed perpendicular to the forearm for easy access.

Bungee Mount Points

  • Easy mounting with the use of 5mm bungee.

Plus Many More Features!

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