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Signature Stage Bottle Package

Signature Stage Bottle Package

Signature (Expedition) Series 1st+2nd Only

Signature (Expedition) Series 1st+2nd Only

Deep 6 Excursion 1st + 2nd and Hose

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Black Friday Special Package!

  • Excursion Balanced Diaphragm 1st Stage
  • Dry-Sealed environmental kit
  • Excursion 2nd Stage
  • 28" or 40" LP Hose

We're renaming the Scribble first stage (silly name anyhow) to the Excursion and introducing it as a lower end but still great performing regulator, along with a new second stage. To kick start adding it to our line up, we are offering it at an amazing price!

The first stage is an environmentally dry-sealed balanced diaphragm first stage, Nitrox Clean to 40% with 4 low pressure and 2 high pressure ports, and a Matte Black Chrome finish.

The second stage is a pneumatically balanced and adjustable (Cracking effort, or how much effort it takes to start delivery of gas when you inhale) second stage with a dive/pre-dive selector that reduces free flow when the second stage is not in your mouth, such as when used as an octopus/safe second/alternative air source (or whatever your instructor and textbook told you to call it) 

Compared to our Signature series of regulators you give up a bit of performance you will never notice, the swivel on the first stage, TiCN PVD coating, the Turbine Poppet in the second stage (an exclusive to Deep 6 Signature series), and the free service kits and free first service. It is also only rated to 40% Nitrox instead of 80%-100%.

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Excursion Second Stage - Black   + $119.99

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Deep 6 Excursion 1st + 2nd and Hose
Deep 6 Excursion 1st + 2nd and Hose

In stock




    Due to the ridiculously low price point, this regulator is not eligible for a free first service like our Signature Series.  However, if you'd like us to service it for you at any time, we'll gladly do so (recommended 2-year / 200 dive service interval.)  Standard Deep 6 regulator warranty applies.  Normal servicing fees will apply. (Currently $40 for 1st stage, $30 for 2nd stage.)

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