Deep 6 Makara Custom Drysuit

A durable, high quality, custom cut only drysuit made in Europe.

See full description for modifications

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A durable, high quality, custom cut only drysuit made in Europe.

ONLY Offered in Made to measure bespoke less cost than normal drysuit "off the rack" sizing.

The Deep 6 Makara is constructed from Softdura, which is made of highly durable three-layer material, which is still flexible and comfortable to wear. Front zipper allows the user to self don the suit without assistance. The kevlar cover flap on the dry zipper protects the zipper from sand and dirt, as well as prevents the jacket from rubbing against the zipper teeth. The suit has integrated suspenders, which together with the crotch strap enable a Deep 6 exclusive extented telescopic waist structure. The waist and the material properties make the suit feel like a regular garment, giving you full mobility without binding, nor by creating too much internal volume that makes controlling buoyancy more difficult. The revised cut of the sleeves and shoulders enable excellent mobility. The crotch has extra material to protect from wear from the crotch strap to prevent wear-and-tear and to provide even better abrasion resistance. Stitched seams make the suit construction possible without external taping. Wear-and-tear of the suit is even further enhanced by the robust Kevlar reinforcements on the knees, elbows and wrist trim. Roomy and easy accessible Tech-pockets on thighs angled forward to make access easy no matter what configuration you dive (Great for sidemount!), with integrated D-ring and bungee loops. A small pocket on the flap with zipper closure. The wrist cuffs have a reflective patch on the underside, so that at night when you wave to the boat or shore you can be spotted easily by anybody with a light. Both forearms have special pad printing to reduce wear and more easily secure your wrist mounted gauges (computer, compass) Our suits are made to our unique design at Ursuit of Finland



Download the custom measurements PDF form here.

Common Suit Modifications listed below with prices (subject to change).

Prices are in Euros as these are from European suppliers.

Wrist Seal Modifications:

44.00 € - Si-Tech Seal Rings Attachable - Si-Tech part #60910

52.00 € - Si-Tech QCS Ovals - Si-Tech part #60257

Glove Solutions:

68.00 € - Si-Tech Wrist seal set Quick Lock - Si-Tech part #69040-K

143.00 € - Si-Tech Glove Lock QCP - Si-Tech part #60520

145.00 € - Si-Tech Antares QCS Cuff Rings - Si-Tech part #60600

75.00 € - Si-Tech Antares QCS Cuff Rings Update - Si-Tech part #60620

160.00 € - Si-Tech Virgo Wrist Seal Ring Set

Neck Seal Modifications:

56.00 € - Si-Tech Quick Neck + locking ring

36.00 € - Si-Tech Quick Neck Tool for above

Pee Valve Modifications:

78.00 € - Si-Tech Trigon Pee Valve

160.00 € - Ursuk Oy Pee Valve

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