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Signature (Expedition) Series 1st+2nd Only

Signature (Expedition) Series 1st+2nd Only

Signature Backmount Doubles Package

From $1,209.74

To $1,318.18

Deep 6 Signature Series Backmount Doubles Package:

  • 2x Signature Series 1st Stage (DIN)
  • 2x Signature Series 2nd Stage (Black or Orange)
  • Deep 6 SPG (Specify size and type)
  • HP Hose (Black)
  • LP Long Hose (Black or Orange)
  • LP Short Hose (Black or Orange)
  • BC Inflator Hose (Black or Orange)

Various hose lengths available.

In stock

Customize Signature Backmount Doubles Package
Deep 6 Signature Balanced Diaphragm First Stage-DIN   + $329.95

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Signature Backmount Doubles Package
Signature Backmount Doubles Package

In stock



    If you are, or are working on becoming a backmount doubles diver and wish to fully customize a set of gear for your exact needs, look no further. Not only are you getting our Signature Series Regulators that are used by recreational, technical, and professional divers around the world, you're getting it completely customized to fit your backmount needs. Besides not having to order everything individually, you're also getting a nice discount to boot! Yep, we're that nice. So why would you settle for a piecemealed, likely mismatching doubles set when you can avoid complication simply by getting this package?

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