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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us so darn special? [Top]

EVERYTHING starts with the product. If we don’t deliver exceptional products that meet your needs we would be dead in the water. So, we are fanatics about bringing only worthy products to the market under the Deep6 brand.

We have some requirements that our products MUST meet before we can offer them to you.

  1. Performance - It must be a top performer. No matter how pretty something may look, if it doesn’t perform exceptionally well it isn’t going to be Deep6.
  2. Durability and Build Quality - Frankly, this is one area that a lot of brands skimp on, it’s easy to do, and they know most divers only stay in the sport 2-3 years, so they get away with it. That offends us. We design and test our gear to last under heavy use, be easy to maintain, and to be there when you need it.
  3. Cost - Yeah, we are going to leverage our new approach to give you the very best prices available. In fact, people are going to tell you that our gear is “crap” because it is so inexpensive… However our customers get the last laugh. By eliminating a LONG supply chain with multiple layers of businesses and sales channels, each with their hand out, we can offer you the highest quality at the lowest prices. It really is that simple, and if you are worried about us, don't be! We are going to do it with an industry leading margin. This means that we intend to make more money from you while delivering a better product at less cost, by cutting out all the unnecessary middle-men. Yeah, we really are.

How are we gonna do it? [Top]

At Deep6, we are only making our equipment available through direct to consumer channels and QUALITY selected retailers using our streamlined supply chain. Our gear can be purchased on the Deep6 website, exceptional local dive centers, and other retailers that meet our standard. That’s it.

Point blank, you aren’t going to be walking into your average local dive shop to find us. We really do turn down most dive shops that inquire about partnering with us unless they meet our quality standard.

What about service? [Top]

Covered. In fact, covered in a more comprehensive manner than any other brand. 

First of all, every Signature Deep6 product that requires regularly scheduled service ships with an extra service kit if purchased directly from Deep6. You’ll also find that the users guide and service manual is freely available on our website. To be clear, we aren’t doing this so every diver can start servicing their own gear. We are doing this because no matter where you are diving, if you have a failure, you’ll have the service parts and the manual for the local dive repair facility to use. The truth is, even when you buy an established major brand, if you are away on a dive trip and have an equipment issue, finding the parts is near impossible, even if you can find somebody to work on them. We know this, so we want to give our divers an advantage. That's right, we have your back, and we want to keep you diving!

Standard Service?

Easy as can be, you ship it back to us, we pledge to service your gear and get it back on the way to you within 3 business days of receiving the product. Frankly, you’ll get faster service from us than most local dive shops. Of course, you may wonder what this will cost. DEEP SIX scheduled services ALWAYS include the service kit as part of the cost, no additional fees. You have the option of paying for the service on an as needed basis, or at any time you can purchase a Deep6 service plan for your product. The Deep6 service plans offer greater savings on a per service basis. By the way, we publish our service schedule, and you are locked into the rates for the year you buy our product.

For example, let’s say you buy a regulator from us in 2014, but you don’t bother to get it serviced until 2018 (we don’t recommend that by the way..but we know life happens). You send it to us and only pay the 2014 service rates, regardless of what the 2018 rates are!

How often should I get my equipment serviced? [Top]

We strongly recommend a complete service every 2 years or 200 dives. Whichever comes first.

We also recommend an inspection at least annually. We will be glad to inspect your Deep6 gear for free (except postage) at any time. We also have a Youtube channel where we show you how to inspect your gear, and of course we also sell any special tools needed for the job.

What if I want to service my own gear? [Top]

We understand, frankly we like servicing our own gear and tinkering on our cars as well. Scuba Equipment servicing is not terribly difficult; however you do need some specific tools and knowledge. We highly recommend that you seek out mentoring and training before servicing your gear. In fact, the day before or after every consumer dive show that Deep6 attends, we will offer a Service Clinic at a reasonable cost. We look forward to seeing you there!

What is the warranty? [Top]

Two year limited warranty on everything we sell with the exception of regulators, which carry a 10 year warranty, and batteries within devices, which carry a 90 day warranty. However, we are committed to our divers and our products. If you experience a manufacturing defect after the warranty period we want to hear from you! We will inspect the issue and either repair if possible, or offer a reasonable upgrade path to a more recent product. Happy divers diving Deep 6 Gear happily is our goal, and we are also aware they are far more effective advertisements than marketing campaigns. That doesn’t mean we can make everybody happy all the time, but we will sure try! 

Why are we anti Local Dive Shop (LDS)? [Top]

We aren’t. We are simply pro-diver. We are always open to working with exceptional Local Dive Shops that meet our standards of quality and service. The simple fact is that the dive industry has been shrinking for over a decade now, and many communities are no longer serviced by a LDS due to store closures.

There are some GREAT dive shops out there, and far too many not so good ones. Unfortunately, the pressure on the dive industry has resulted in net negative effect for consumers. Poor customer service and FUD sales tactics (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) have become commonplace.

We are here to provide you with access to great products and excellent service, both of which all divers need, by use of multiple sales channels to ease customer access. We really do believe the CUSTOMER is the most important link in our sales chain, and all of our shops and retail partners believe this too.