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Polyurethane Coated Tank Band w/ Stainless Steel Hardware

Polyurethane Coated Tank Band w/ Stainless Steel Hardware


2" 12,000lb Polyester Webbing - Orange

Deep 6 Single Tank Backplate and Wing Package

As low as $182.62 was $183.80

Complete Backplate and Wing setup comes with:

  • Backplate (Stainless Steel or Aluminum)
  • Wing (20lb or 30lb lift)
  • Harness
  • Single Tank Adapter
  • 2x Tank Straps (Plastic or S/S Buckle)
  • Integrated Weight Pockets (Optional)
  • Trim Weight Pouches (Optional)

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A complete Deep 6 BP/W package.  Customize the package by choosing your preferred backplate, wing, and harness, as well as optional accessories.  If you prefer a lightweight travel option for tropical diving, we suggest pairing the 9kg/20lb wing with the aluminum backplate.  If you prefer a setup with a little more weight, and suitable for colder diving, we suggest the 13.5kg/30lb wing and the steel backplate.

Individual item descriptions include more details specific to each item in this package.  Please refer to the individual product pages for more specific information.

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