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2" Flat Stainless Steel D-Ring

Deep 6 X Series Second Stage



  • Balanced adjustable second stage
  • Gray Dive/Pre-Dive selector
       (Not Orange)
  • Standard Poppet Assembly
       (No D6 exclusive turbine poppet)
  • Plastic Adjustment Knob
       (No Metal Adjustment Knob)
  • Standard Chrome Barrel
       (Not Teflon or PVD Coated)
Availability: In stock

“Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.”

The Deep 6 team has a lot of experience in regulator design and, through that experience, we built an amazing one… This is not it- but this one is a safe, reliable, and most certainly affordable alternative to our Signature Series.

The X Series is no Signature- it's just an X.  We put all the bells and whistles into our Signature Series.  This lacks those bells and whistles, but retains the reliability and capabilities our Signature has to offer at a slight cost to performance.  Instead of our exclusive Deep 6 turbine poppet, the technicians in our regulator lab used a standard poppet assembly.  Those same folks opted for a standard chrome plated barrel, a plastic adjustment knob, and a different colored pre-dive / dive selector that was on the shelf.

WHY you ask?  It's the holiday season!  We wanted to provide you with the opportunity to own a quality regulator at a price you'll never find anywhere else.  In fact, pretty soon, you won't find it here either!  A very limited number of these second stage regulators were made for the holidays.  Once they're gone, they're gone.  Order one now to own a piece of Deep 6 History!

“But what about options?” Of course you have options!  Depending on stock level, you can buy 1, or 2, or 3, or...


Due to the ridiculously low price point, this regulator is not eligible for a free first service like our Signature Series.  However, if you'd like us to service it for you at any time, we'll gladly do so (recommended 2-year / 200 dive service interval.)  Standard Deep 6 regulator warranty applies.  Normal servicing fees will apply. (Currently $30 for 2nd stage.)

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